Saint John: An article.

Saint John is an incredible city and I miss it so much. Some people call it a horrible place but after being away for so long you begin to appreciate what once was. Shout out to everyone back home, miss you all.

I stumbled across this aticle about which inspired me to write this post. Not to long of a read, learn about the city or read it to learn about Saint John, or learn to appreciate your home.

Also I found this article via mobile so if it does not work, I apologise.

Gneral thoughts and things going on (October 25, 2016)

Tons of stuff have been happening for the past week.

As always, massive amounts of homework with major assignment crunch time coming up things are getting tough but I’m getting through it.

This past weekend, a few of the second year SROAMies held a white procession event at Spirit bar, which was a total blast and I had an awesome time.


Shout out to all the DJs and the organizers for such a fantastic event.

It was also the second years last weekend pretty much together, so they were all there as a final weekend together type-thing. It’ll be weird to say bye to them, as they all leave by this coming weekend.

A big thing that happened today actually, was that I now can’t decide on a career path. I was sitting in Ski Area Planning, thinking of home, and how awesome it would be to have a pair of “New Brunswick” skis, as in a pair of skis with a top sheet designed with NB stuff on it. That got me thinking about making my own… and now I think I want to in the future, seriously. But marketing will most likely be my route I go, as it’s more stable industry. Or lift maintenance… who knows???

So that’s my life this week. Busy and exciting.