Traveling (constantly updated)

I’m currently sitting by the big first nations statue/fountain in the Vancouver Airport. Local time it is 3:30 and I have to wait until 6:00 to board my plane to Toronto. I had Tim Hortons for the first time in two months right after I got off the plane, and am I ever thankful for coffee. I only woke up at 7:00 local time but I already feel like I want to fall asleep. I’m oh so very tired but I have to stay up so I can sleep on the plane. Not much else to say about this early in the trip, except I had the seat next to me free, which was nice for the extra leg room. Ton’s of photos were taken on this leg of the trip, so here’s a couple of my favorites:

Update (4:17 Van. Time): Very tired. Have an hour and 40 minutes to go. Thanks to Tim Hortons I’ll stay awake.

Update (4:50 Van Time): I heard “Toronto 152” over the speaker but didn’t hear the rest of message thanks to my headphones. Had an “uh-oh” moment and proceeded to run to the gate only to find out it was just about checking carry on, which I do not need to do. Atleast that woke me up.

Update (5:30 Van Time): About 90% of my red eye flight are young adults. This will be my last post before Toronto. Ill update in 6-7 hours. Good night New Brunswick.

Update (7:00 Plane time): Bought wifi for the ride. I have a window seat and am super comfortable.

Update (4:50 Toronto time): I’m really, really tired. But I can’t sleep for fear of sleeping through my alarms and missing my flight. Also, shout out to Nick Rinne for sending me a snap of a cat in a paper burrito (which can be seen below). Made me laugh.


Castlegar runway
“The mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir
The people in Vancouver don’t realize how lucky they are to be so close to mountains.



Snowmaking and semester end

This past week we made snow as a class… Ok I lied, we tried to make snow. It was a little to warm so it was either wet snow or just strait up rain. It was super interesting to learn about the inner mechanics of a snow making machine, and to top it off we actually got hand on experience with real equipment!

This past semester at Selkirk has been an absolute blast and I’ve learned an absolute ton about the ski industry. If you ride the chair with me at Crabbe, I’ll explain pretty much everything about it. (like the rope lay, sheave assembly type, etc.). After my last exam tomorrow, I’ll be 1/4 of the way done the program. It’s so weird to think about. 2 more semesters of hands on, in depth learning and then, BAM, my work term.  I’ve got a few ideas of where I want to apply (but hey if you’re a resort manager and want to hire me that’s pretty cool) and I’m pretty sure I want to do social media marketing or public relations, but that may change, and I’m ok with that as long as I’m in an industry that I love and have a passion for.

Now I just gotta get home… and that means going though Castlegar, or as they call it out here: Cancelgar. Flights almost never get out in the winter time due to the mountain and clouds, so I hope I can actually leave. After that I’ve got a long day on travel including a 12am-8am layover in Toronto, but hey I’m super happy to be getting home for a few weeks to see my family and friends.  I’ll update you all from the Toronto Airport.

See you Sunday!!

Gotta tighten those Cam locks to ensure no one gets hurt
The gun in action
Sroamies are homies… A big dysfunctional family

Note: All photographs taken by the Selkirk College marketing department