Explore and Discover: Castle Mountain Resort

Castle Mountain Resort was listed as one of eight ski hills in Canada that were ‘hidden gems’ by MEC. This article was spot on, except for one thing… it says it is a small resort but Castle has the second largest ski-able acreage in Alberta; it’s pretty big.

My trip there didn’t have the greatest weather to be honest, but I still really enjoyed everything about it. Every employee that I had met had a really great upbeat attitude and seemed to enjoy their jobs. Thanks to all the employees who made my trip there enjoyable.

The weather may not have been the greatest, but I still had a great time skiing, mostly because I skied in the upper portion of the mountain off of the Tamarack chair, or more commonly known as the Red Chair. Off of this chair, there are various areas to ski, my favorite being the chutes because it had the best skiing of the trip. Other areas that I had skied were Huckleberry ridge where I got really lost, the bowl off of skiers right of the chair, and the north woods which were far right down a long cat track. I enjoyed the skiing off the Red Chair, as it offered different terrain and variety than you would find within the Kootenays.

I found the base of the mountain to be very interesting. To start, they have a camper-trailer park in the base area, as well as multi-million dollar chalets. The ‘philosophy’ behind this so to speak is that it does not matter if you are a ski bum or millionaire, you are equal with everyone else on the mountain. Upon hearing this, it made me think more highly of Castle, and the fantastic ski culture that surrounds it. The bar on the mountain was called the T-bar, which was in no way is connected to the main day lodge. I really liked the bar, as it had a really great ski vibe going and the decorations were super cool, plastered all over the walls. Having the bar disconnected from the main lodge gave me the impression that the base was much larger than it appeared.

Overall I really, really enjoyed the resort and utilized it to its full experience. I’d like to thank all the staff once again for being so friendly and welcoming to me. Also to Cole Fawcett for being so accommodating and letting me stay at his place for the duration of my trip.

My class would like to thank Castle Mountain Resort for the sponsorship of a seat on the Powder Stagecoach (cat-skiing) as a prize for our event, the SROAMazing Race.

After just 3 days on the mountain, I felt like I found a place or type of mountain that I could potentially see myself at in the future.

Unfortunately I didn’t take that many pictures on the mountain, I was too busy having fun riding. Although I did get a few of the base, and other areas of the way to and from Castle, here they are:

To see the full Castle Mountain Resort experience from pictures, visit their site: http://www.skicastle.ca/

Or their Facebook page:

Instagram: @castlemountainresort

Or just simply use google images and search Castle Mountain Resort. There are plenty of photos out there to get a good feel of the mountain.


Clouds drifting in over the mountains
Franks Slide.
Crowsnest Pass at dusk
Worlds largest truck
Parking lot facing side of the day lodge
Got to meet up with fellow New Brunswickers at the T-bar on my last night. As you can see, the walls are covered with cool stuff, and that is what the entire bar pretty much looks like.

Reading Break

It’s day 2 of reading break, and I have already checked 1 thing off my to-do list. I got a hair cut. You heard that right, it’s all gone. Right down to about an inch or so on the top of my head. Here’s a before and after picture:

On the go for the rest of the reading break I have a few things. One of these being I’m going to Castle Mountain  Resort for 3 or 4 days. I want to get out of the Kootenays and experience something else out west, so why not a resort that I potentially see myself working at in the future! I’m super stoked for the trip and regardless of the conditions I know it’ll be a blast.

I also have a lot of homework and projects, one of which is to create a to-do list, so I wonder if getting my haircut and doing a weekly blog post count as items for it.

I also heard about the storm back home. Stay safe while it gets cleared. That’s a lot of snow which I wish we got out here, so all you maritimers don’t have to deal with it.