Explore and Discover: Spring time

Spring days are here and winter ’17 is slowly fading away from us. It was a beautiful day out today but, I’m sad the winter is coming to an end.

That’s right, this weekend is Whitewaters closing weekend. They are closing with 2+ meter snowpack of snow but of course people lose their interest when it’s 10┬░ out.

This is a weekend of many lasts. The Summit chair is being replaced this season for example. It is a last for our program to shred together, as we start our work terms next year before the winter starts. But it certainly won’t be a last for skiing Whitewater, there’s still touring season after the mountain closes and I know I’ll be back to it in the future.

It was a great season and I absolutely loved everything about it, from the pre-season shreds, getting a chance to ski at Crabbe, cat skiing and our field trip; I know this will be a season I’ll never forget.┬áCheers to Whitewater, Nelson, and my fellow Sroamies. It’s been a great season and can’t wait for the next.

SROAMazing Race

The Sroamazing Race is an annual event put on by the sroamies as part of our Events class. The event is a charity event focused around the Avalanche Awareness Beyond the Boundaries Society and the iWill foundation.

The event itself is kind of like the Amazing Race, with clues to challenges and more clues to more challenges but it’s put on by our class. Also, this year is the first year it is at Whitewater Ski Resort. What a better way for a ski program to have an event than to have it at a ski resort, eh? I’m personally stoked for the event… mostly because it is happening TOMORROW! FRIDAY, MARCH, 24th with REGISTRATION STARTING AT 11! There are teams of 4 and the registration fee is only $20 for a team, or $5 per person. If you are reading this and have nothing to do tomorrow come on out! Why? Well because of the prizes of course!

1st Place (Overall Time)
-Dakine Ski Bag
-ARMADA Ski Poles
-2x Sunshine Village VIP Tickets
-2x WH20 Tickets
-4 Wax Bars
-2 Wax Scrapers
-1 Ski/Board Tune

2nd Place (Overall Time)
– 1WH20 Ticket
-2 Headlamps
-4 Wax Bars
-1 Wax Scraper
-2 T-Shirts
-1 Water Bottle
-1 Ski/Board Tune
-2 Protein Packs
-Cliff Bars

3rd Place(Overall Time)
-1 WH20 Ticket
-1 T-Shirt
-2 Hoodies
-1 Wax Scraper
-Cliff Bars

Best Individual Costume
-1 Seat for Big Red Cats Cat Skiing
-1 iWill Toque
***Wear a sick costume, have a chance to win a sick prize!

Best Team Costume
-4x $20 El Taco Gift Cards
-4 Headlamps
-$50 to Kootenay Co-op
*** Group costumes are always fun and you could possibly win a prize for it!

Silent Auction Items (Available to be bid on) YOU SHOULD BID!!!
-1 Seat at Powder Stagecoach Cat Skiing (Castle Mountain)
-3-Day Silverstar Bike Pass
-Misery Mountain Lift Ticket & Rental Package
***With a bid, you could win cat-skiing! Just how awesome is that!

Blue Ribbon Prize (Winning this will be explained at the Event)
-66Thieves Gear Bundle

Feedback Survey Draw Prize
-28L Backpack
-Youth Bike Helmet
-RBC Gift Bundle
*** Fill out a survey, have a chance to win a prize!