Explore and Discover: Why should I?

Leaves have sprouted on trees, the temperature is warming up, and the snow is disappearing from the tops of mountains. Now is a time to get out and enjoy the weather. Listen to the birds sing, smell the fresh air, enjoy life to its fullest. Go biking, have a bonfire, go hiking. The options for outdoor Summer fun are limitless and it is only the beginning, soon when the water warms up there will be so much more to do.

Go explore, there is so much more in your community you can do that you didn’t even realize was out there.  Festivals, markets, street corner entertainers; go find these, watch, and listen. As the days and nights get warmer, city life can only get more interesting.

Get outside the city, bring a boat, bring a walking stick; hell, even bring a tent. Explore back roads, find the unknown and keep it a secret (or not, your choice), go fishing, watch the stars go by, or roast some marshmallows.

Before you know it, the warm days of Summer will be over and it will be back to shoveling your car out of a snow drift. So now is your chance: have fun, get out, explore, and discover.



Explore and Discover: Miscellaneous Photos

Over the past few months I’ve accumulated an enormous amount of photos that I haven’t found a place to post or share. This is a collection of the best photos, edited from over 338 to 22. I’m not the best photographer but I try my best and I’m really trying to improve, so any feedback is welcome on my photos. Check the Contact Me page for contact details on how to get a hold of me.