Explore and Discover: Canada 150

On July 1st, Canada turns 150 years old; that’s a pretty important accomplishment if you ask me. Canada has come a long way from being the Colonies it once was in the 1800’s and that is for sure something to celebrate. So get out there and have some fun this Saturday.

Go down to your local park and enjoy the festivities, there is bound to be something happening in your community; from a community barbecue, all the way to an extravagant display of fireworks at the end of the night.

Here’s a list of other Canadian things you can do this Canada Day:

  • Order a poutine with real cheese curds and gravy
  • Play a game of street hockey
  • Make pancakes and use real Canadian maple syrup
  • Break out in song and sing the national anthem in the middle of your local park
  • Ride a moose down Main Street
  • Go order a Double-Double from Tim Hortons
  • Apologize to a bunch of people for no reason
  • Drink a nice cold (Canadian, not American) Beer, but only if your legal age of course.

These are of course, all Canadian stereotypes that tourists might have asked you about in the past.  This Canada Day, embrace these stereotypes.

From Sea to shining Sea, remember this Canada Day that we are the true north, strong, and the free. Think of our freedoms, and how lucky we are to live in the greatest country on Earth.

Have a great Canada Day to all of you, remember to be safe and be responsible on this fantastic holiday.


Explore and Discover: The Old Growth Forest

A while back, I had posted about getting out, exploring, and discovering. The weather has warmed up, and the leaves have come out now; there is simply no excuse.

Go find yourself in forests covered in ancient trees, admiring their gargantuan size.

Find yourself looking at fallen tree roots as if they were art.

Find yourself on top of massive boulders in the middle of these forests. Think, how did they get there?

Watch a river of spring-melt water fly by you in what regularly should be a stream. Be careful though, don’t get too close.

All of this can be done at the Old Growth Forest in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia, an incredibly beautiful and breath-taking place.

There are no excuses, the world is your playground, so go play!