Explore and Discover: New Brunswick

Some people like to think New Brunswick is a drive through province… just a way to get yourself to Nova Scotia or PEI. It’s not.

New Brunswick is a province with some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers, and coast line in the world. Old, still used light houses and ancient rock formations dot the coast, while rivers and lakes full of plentiful fish and wildlife are everywhere in the interior.

Every province has something that connects their citizens, be it geographically, or culturally. In New Brunswick, what connects us is Water. It is what the province thrived on for decades, through transportation,  shipbuilding, and now it is a major tourism producer. But who could forget about the fisheries? They’ve been a part of New Brunswick since its creation. World-class salmon fishing? Yep, we have that. Fresh-off-the-dock lobster? We also have that.

Next time you are in New Brunswick don’t take the Trans-Canada, all you will see is forest for miles on end. Take the scenic routes along the St. John River, the Acadian Peninsula, or the Bay of Fundy; these are some of the most scenic water-side drives you will ever do.

This quick video sums up all I’ve said. Water is what connects New Brunswick. Click here to watch and see what you’ve been missing.


Explore and Discover: Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is a beautiful, waterfront park in Nelson, BC. It stretches from the bridge all the way to the mall, which is just over a kilometer.

Lake side has a few baseball fields and soccer fields on it but it also is home to the Nelson Canoe and Kayak Club, Rowing Club, Rose Garden Cafe, and the Paddle Rental Center.

I work at the Paddle Rental Center, which is home to canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards. I love the work environment as well; meters from the beach, right in the sunlight, and getting a workout every day from the boats, I could not have asked for a better Summer job.

If you happen to be at Lakeside, stop in and say hi, maybe even rent a boat.

For some other fun things to do at Lakeside you could:

  • Watch the Slowpitch softball tournament, which is happening over the next few evenings.
  • Try out a boat from the Rowing club on Wednesday Afternoons or Saturdays.
  • Get a bite to eat from Rosegarden Cafe and enjoy the incredible views of the park has to offer.
  • Go for a swim at the beach, but be aware, the water is pretty cold.


I wish I had known about the park sooner, as there is so much to do and so much space.

Here’s me at work and the views of from the rental center: