BC’s Burning: Living where you can see a forest fire

Yesterday, a forest fire started about 15 kilometers north-east of Nelson. The smoke from this fire was visible for most of the day, but when it got dark… well that’s a different story. The fire was visible.

This photo was taken with a telephoto (zoom) lens at a 25 second exposure, so the fire was not quite this visible, but you could still see some flames.

This isn’t the first forest fire either, it has been smoky most of July from various fires. The closest fire is about 13 kilometers from Nelson at a size of 2100 hectares or 21 kilometers squared, but for the most part is under control and burning towards an old burn area. And I can’t forget to mention the biggest music festival in the region ended a day early because of a potential evacuation from the area it’s in.

Living in what could potentially be an evacuation area is quite scary, being that I am from an area with no forest fire ‘season’. As of this moment, there is nothing to worry about in the town of Nelson, but that could all change with a lightning strike. That is how the above pictured fire started.

It has been so dry in the town, we have gone several weeks without rain, with the first rainfall being today (Sunday). This one day of rain won’t change a whole lot though, as we are in need of more to saturate the ground so lightning strikes or cigarette butts don’t cause so much damage.

In terms of evacuation plans, a few classmates and I have worked out a plan if there was a risk of one. I’ve got a bag full of essentials that I can grab and go and we will drive until out of the evac area and a safe distance away, than figure it out from there.

Also, if you live in the Regional District of Central Kootenay, I highly recommend signing up for the RDCK evacuation alert service. If there is an evacuation alert, it will send you a text and email alerting you about it. Click here to sign up

Back To School: Ski Resort Operations And Management

I’ve already been back in school for a week, much earlier than most people. It’s weird to think about that I’ll be done and on to my practicum in less than 3 months.

Although, I have to get through August first. We’ve got a field trip to Vancouver and Whistler in two weeks, than a week in the kitchen at the end. August is jam packed full of events, projects and mid terms. It will for sure be an eventful month.

I’ll be bringing my camera with me on the field trip so stay tuned for bi-nightly updates it, we go from the 21st to the 25th and I could not be more excited.

While in the kitchen, we’ll be learning your basics that you might see in a cafeteria. I’m super stoked for this as well because free food is good food and that I’m not the best cook so this will be an opportunity for me to get better. At the end of the week, we are cooking for a college social event as well.

So that’ll be what I’m doing this next month, what are you doing? Enjoy the last month of Summer and enjoy yourself; have some fun.