Explore and Discover: The Northern Lights

A long time ago, I think I was around 4 or 5, my parents woke me up late at night. Not knowing what was happening, they carried me outside and told me to look up. What I saw confused yet amazed me; bright green lights dancing around the sky. I haven’t seen the Northern Lights with my own eyes ever since that night, until now.

A green glow nestled on the edge of the mountains in the distance. Not the most exciting thing, but I figured I’d get my camera and keep watching; waiting and hoping that they would flair up.

Patience and timing all paid off, as I got to witness one of Earths great wonders… The Aurora Borealis.

Huge thank you to Mike Pringle for showing me how to properly adjust the setting on my camera for optimal night time shots.



Dear first years,

Welcome to Ski Resort Operations and Management, you are about to start the best two years of your life and you will not regret any of it, I guarantee you that.

There is so much more to this program that I bet you haven’t been told about yet. Such as there’s a chance you’ll get to go Cat skiing for the Avalanche Safety Training course and get to see views like these.

Or that for field trips you’ll travel BC and Alberta, having the best riding of your life. Our year we went to Phoenix, Baldy, Big White and Intermountain for our fall (non riding) field trip. But oh boy, the winter is where it’s at, that trip is a whole different story. Fairmont Hotsprings, Norquay, Sunshine, Panorama, Revelstoke. 5 resorts, 5 days of skiing. It was spectacularly amazing.

The program allows you to visit so many different places and get exposure to ski industry professionals. Make those connections that could help you get your dream job some day. You’ll actually get to meet many of them during the Advisory meetings, where many come in and talk to you about what they do, how they got there, and so much more.

But let’s not forget about Whitewater. Just half an hour up the road is some of the best riding you will ever do. Steeps, trees, slack-country, back country, moguls, there is so much to explore and so much to find. You might think you’ll have run out of powder by the end of the day until you turn a corner to find an entire untouched section. It’s beautiful. Have fun sometime this week exploring the mountain as a class.

It’s not all fun and games though. Stay on top of things and get your work done; the course and work load will weigh you down and make things challenging if you fall behind. I can speak from experience on that one.

The stoke IS real.  Watch as the first signs of snow hit the top of Elephant Mountain. The top of that is roughly the same elevation as the base of Whitewater. Get stoked, but be safe and don’t hurt yourself before the season starts. This photo was taken mid-October, at the top of the Summit Lift.

Now I may seem like I’m rambling on, but that’s because I am. There is so much to talk about and so little space to write. My last points are the instructors are there to help you, they care about you, don’t get hurt pre-season, set your alarms for important days, scout jumps and landing zones at the beginning of the season due to minimal coverage, and get a ski/board related nickname and start a blog, it’s a super useful self-promotion tool for the future.

I’ll be around until the end of October, when second year goes on our work terms. Until then if you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to ask me, even if you have any after I’m gone you can always contact me through here, Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Your fellow SROAMie,

(Ian Logan)