So Long Nelson, thanks for all the memories

48 hours left in Nelson. After a year and 2 months it’s finally coming to a close; with many memories and life long friends made, I know I will never forget it.

As I look back and reminisce in my time here, I realize that Nelson and the SROAM program have changed me for the better as a person. I am not the same person I was when I left New Brunswick. A big thank you to all my classmates and Instructors for helping and supporting me through my time here. I’ll see you all at Grad and Canada West.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite blog posts that can sum up my time here in Nelson:

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Explore and Discover: Pulpit Rock/Flagpole Hike

And some of my favorite photos in no particular order:

Explore and Discover: Pulpit Rock/Flag pole Hike

Mountain towns are some of the greatest places on Earth for the views you can get from hiking. Nelson is no exception, the views from Pulpit rock and higher up at the Flag pole are absolutely stunning.

Both are located along the same route and extremely well maintained. However, being quite a steep and long hike, it is not for everyone. The views offered are of the surrounding valleys, and the entire City of Nelson.

See for yourself; go hike up and watch planes as they fly below you, or watch the town and little dots buzzing around on the streets. This isn’t a hike you want to miss, especially with the Fall colors in full bloom right now.

Pulpit Rock Views


Flag Pole Views

Now on a personal note, a few weeks ago we noticed a helicopter dumping water on a small fire at the top of the mountain near the flag pole. Upon hiking up, we discovered the damage a small camp fire can do, even when the fire ban was lifted. Please be careful when having a fire, regardless of the season. And please properly put out your fires.

Burnt forest