Getting Back to Posting: An update on my Work Term

It’s been nearly a few months since I last posted and I’ve been extremely busy with adjusting to my job and getting settled back in. I will take this opportunity to update on my work term progress, as it’s going extremely well.

Where exactly am I doing my work term? Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick, in an intern style position. I felt this was the best course of action because it would give me the ability to work in multiple departments and gain as much experience as possible.

My work term has been going extremely well and I am loving it. Being able to work at and help make changes to the mountain I have grown up at is a delight.

A list of things I’ve done so far includes:

  • Marketing: Social media, newsletter column, Sales, took partt in Stoked Video
  • Maintenance: T-bar, Groomer Grousers, Handle Tow Handles
  • Bartending: Find me in the Thirsty Boot on Thursdays from 8pm-11pm
  • Retail: Pricing, Selling
  • Lift Ops: Handle Tow Operator
  • Ticketing: Selling Tickets
  • Snowschool: Wednesday After School Program

I intend to work in every other department. That leaves Ski Patrol, Terrain Parks, Janitorial,  and many others. To understand how a resort runs, you must learn every aspect.

One incredible aspect that I get to be apart of as part of my job is the Crabbe 2025 Plan. This is a vision of the future of the mountain, from attracting guests, financials, and infrastructure. My part to play in this is a lodge development plan; designing what a new base area may look like. I feel honored to be part of the vision of mountains future.

So that is where I am up to this point since my last post. Thank you for reading and stay tuned, as I plan to keep this blog active after its few months long shelf life.