This mid-April, I’ll be traveling by car across Canada, heading towards Nelson, BC and I’m looking for a travel buddy.

Someone to talk to, jam to music with, and share those great Canadian views. I want to visit a few National parks along the way, so that means some day-trip detours and such, not just strait highway driving, that’s boring.

Possible stops include (but are not limited to):
– St.Lawrence Scenic view drive (stopping in Trois-Riviere)
– Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (Ontario, near Thunder Bay)
– Rushing River Provincial Park (Northern Ontario)
– Grasslands National Park (Saskatchewan)
– Banff National Park (Alberta)

I’ll drive you as far as you want, but as I won’t be coming back east, you’ll have to fly home. Let me know as soon as possible, I’ve only got 1 extra seat, and so I can plan the trip accordingly.

Come experience all Canada has to offer with me, I’d really appreciate the company. Message me on Facebook, email me at , or text me if you have my number if you are interested!