About Skian

My real name is Ian Logan, but most of my friends call me Skian. I am a 20 year old who is  on his work term for the Ski Resort Operations and Management (SROAM) program at Selkirk College. My work term is at my home mountain of Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick.

I am doing this becuase I want to follow my passion. It is my dream to have a career in the ski industry, an industry I have loved for my entire life and will always continue to love.

I began skiing at the age of 3, not very often though. That all changed when I was 8; my parents bought a chalet at Crabbe Mountain, just north of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  For 10 years I skied at Crabbe, almost every weekend and every holiday. I say almost because those other weekends I was either away on vacation or racing at another hill. Such as Silver Star, British Columbia (pictured below) where I had my first west coast experience at the age of 10.

Years passed in the blink of an eye at Crabbe, so fast it felt like I was a young kid meeting lifelong friends and suddenly the Chalet was up for sale and sold. My world didn’t end. I found the UNB Ski and Board club during my year there to continue skiing. Everything changed when I decided I wanted to change my path towards the ski industry. next thing I knew I was out west, taking the SROAM program and enjoying life to it’s fullest.

Now I’m home, working away on the east coast. I’ll be back out west soon; not sure where yet though.