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This mid-April, I’ll be traveling by car across Canada, heading towards Nelson, BC and I’m looking for a travel buddy.

Someone to talk to, jam to music with, and share those great Canadian views. I want to visit a few National parks along the way, so that means some day-trip detours and such, not just strait highway driving, that’s boring.

Possible stops include (but are not limited to):
– St.Lawrence Scenic view drive (stopping in Trois-Riviere)
– Sleeping Giant Provincial Park (Ontario, near Thunder Bay)
– Rushing River Provincial Park (Northern Ontario)
– Grasslands National Park (Saskatchewan)
– Banff National Park (Alberta)

I’ll drive you as far as you want, but as I won’t be coming back east, you’ll have to fly home. Let me know as soon as possible, I’ve only got 1 extra seat, and so I can plan the trip accordingly.

Come experience all Canada has to offer with me, I’d really appreciate the company. Message me on Facebook, email me at , or text me if you have my number if you are interested!




Explore and Discover: Crabbe Mountain

Crabbe Mountain is a ski hill located 45 minutes north of Fredericton New Brunswick.

With 34 runs (all of which are currently open), there is tons to explore for all ages and abilities. Not to mention the numerous runs that aren’t even on the map. The locals won’t tell you where these are, you have to come find them yourself.

The snow is phenomenal, spring conditions with new a dusting of snow practically every day, there are always fresh tracks to be had, with even more snow on the way.

If you happen to make it up the chairlift, the clear-day views are spectacular. For kilometers on end you can see views such as Big Rock, Mount Katahdin, and at night he lights of Fredericton, and the surrounding landscape.

Even if you don’t ski, you can still drive to the top of the hill to see these views. Here’s just a taste of them:

So what are you waiting for? Come ski the best conditions and most runs in the Maritimes, and enjoy some spectacular views.