Early days in Nelson

I arrived into Nelson around noon local time. Confusion was at an all time high as we drove through the town; where did we have to go? Where was dads AirBnB? Where was the College? Eventually all was found, including the grocery stores, Wal-Mart, and BCliquor.

We bought all the things I needed from Wal-Mart, (yes Mom, got sheets for the bed), my seasons pass from Whitewater and some groceries. I’m settling in well to my residence but now I just need to wait for my neighbors and roommates to arrive.

We wanted to go exploring, so we drove down to Whitewater, just to see the lodge and base of the hill… The road was closed for re-paving (boooo) and so we continued onto Red Mountain.* Lots of construction there as well but at least we could drive up to the base. The only way to describe it is “a really large Crabbe Mountain” as said by my dad.  The entire trip to Red and back took about two and a half hours; much longer than I anticipated.

Food eaten for the first few days was all very good.

  • Vienna Cafe: A small cafe/library combo.  Nice food, good atmosphere, and cheap.
  • Main street Diner: Weird mix of a seafood restaurant and greek restaurant. Great customer service though.
  • Jackson’s Hole: A very East-Coast feeling Pub (for a good reason, owner is from Nova Scotia).  Really great servers, enjoyed it!
  • Thors Pizzeria: The best pizza I have ever had, really. I loved it. It’s on Victoria Street for those who ever come to visit Nelson. Our server quickly recognized my dad was dropping me off to college and said a joke relaed to that. “What did the buffalo say to his son when dropping him off to college? Bye-son!”

I really enjoy it here, can’t wait for more adventures!

Moving away from home

I’m about to leave for school and leave New Brunswick behind. From my home in Saint John to Nelson BC it would take 38 days total to walk, 2 and a half days to drive or 11 days to bike (all non-stop). Thankfully I am not doing any of those things. Flying will take about 10 hours.

I’m leaving in less than 5 days. The realization hit me weeks ago but I still feel weird about it. I will be leaving behind home cooked meals, friends I have grown up with since kindergarten, and the smell of the bay. Leaving it all behind for a life in the mountains, with new friends with a similar passion and my own cooking (I can’t cook, help me). There will always be Skype, facetime, this blog, facebook, or even snapchat but nothing compares to real face to face talks with people and I will deeply miss everyone back on the Beast Coast.

I am headed to the big mountains of the west, leaving behind Crabbe, the mountain where I learned to ski, where it became my passion, and where I met so many great people. The coaches who helped me weekend after weekend, year after year to improve my skiing and the friends who I spent many nights with going from chalet to chalet. All the people who I have met through skiing have indirectly influenced my decision to go west to pursue  my dream and for that I thank those people.

The times, they are a changin. Goodbye NB, hello BC.