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Freeze Frame

Well that’s Ethan (and I behind the camera). I bet your wondering how we got ourselves into this situation.

1:30pm: Well, we were driving up a dirt road to 6 Mile lakes. 10 kilometers away from the main road. Passing through multiple snowbanks, we managed to get to the lakes and hung out for a while.

2:15pm: On our way back, we got the largest of the snowbanks… and promptly got stuck somewhere around here:

Now this normally wouldn’t be a problem because we could just call a tow truck, right? Wrong,  we were at least 7 kilometers out of service range, as can be seen here.

We tried and tried to get the truck unstuck for about 2 hours, using old longs, rocks, and the saw we had to cut out blocks of snow. Unfortunately the truck was high centered so the truck wouldn’t budge with all the snow packed under it.


4:00pm: We had just about given up, when a father and son on dirt bikes came riding up and offered to drive back to service range to call the CAA contractor for us.

4:15pm: Father and son returned on dirt bikes returned, saying the CAA contractor would arrive at around 6:00pm. If we did not call him back by 8:00pm, he would come and get us in his truck.

6:30pm: Fast forwarding to 6:30, the tow truck has yet to arrive but we hear this rumbling, and from around the corner comes the biggest Dodge Ram I have ever seen, and our come 5 teenage guys. After much deliberation on how to get our truck unstuck with them, we decided on 1 way. Using the cord from the vacuum cleaner in the back of Ethans truck. (You can see it in the background here)

Using a ‘infinity tying knot’ as one of the other guys said, and using paddles from the back of their truck to chop up the snow under Ethans, we got it unstuck… with a vacuum cleaner cord and old ratchet strap.

6:45pm we were on our way back down the mountain, got into service range, called the CAA Contractor, and the dad on the motor bike to let them know we no longer needed help.


So… That was a life lesson if I’ve ever had one.

1. Always let someone know where you are going, if going out of service range and let them know an approximate be-back-at time. Ethan had done this but I had not.

2. When traveling in an area where you could get stuck, carry a shovel in the case you get high-centered and need to shovel out under your car.

3. Bring a jack or heavy duty ratchet straps to help lift tires, put materials under them, and help gain traction.

4. Bring winch/pull cables in the inevitability some stumbles upon you and can help get you out.

5. Bring extra food and water with you in the case you may get stuck for a long time.

It was an adventure and a learning experience for me. One of which I will never forget. I made it home safe, but had those dirt bikers or guys in the Dodge Ram never showed up, we may have been there late in to the night, or over night.